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iWomanTV has joined the SheEO Family: Changing the world together one woman at a time!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

SheEO Venture Semi-Finalist in the United States! SheEO pushes the reset button on how to support women & non-binary folks on their own terms. The model brings together women + non-binary folks from all different backgrounds + ages, called Activators who contribute to a Perpetual Fund that is loaned out at zero percent interest to women + non-binary led Ventures who are working on the World’s To-Do List, who are selected by the Activators. SheEO leaves the voting of ventures to their community of experienced, dedicated and powerful Activators instead of leaving it’s voting to a few “experts” in a room. They trust the intuition and lived experience of Activators to select the next SheEO venture. This unique approach to voting helps build a community of women supporting and empowering one another. We are so grateful to be surrounded by a community of powerhouse entrepreneurs & so many innovative ventures! We can’t wait to explore the SheEO Community & continue our mission to provide a safe space for BIPOC and women from diverse multicultural backgrounds to own and tell their stories through their own lens. iWomanTV showcases more female stories and listens to more female voices.As a driving force for change, iWoman TV is giving a voice to the voiceless, and the platform to share the varied experiences, issues, points-of-view and priorities that are going to move our world to a better place.

click here & make sure to vote for the amazing ventures that are now semi-finalists!

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