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Join the largest village of female content creators globally.

iWomanTV is an over-the-top (OTT) digital streaming and linear channel reaching millions of households. iWomanTV is a source for news and entertainment tailored to the modern woman and her unapologetically powerful voice. iWomanTV is not just another woman’s network, it is a movement!


The mission of iWomanTV is to provide a safe  space for BIPOC and women from diverse multicultural backgrounds to own and tell their stories through their own lens. The iWomanTV village consists of a tribe of  female writers, producers, directors, creators  and actors, where women and girls tell their  story, one at a time.


iWomanTV is a community of powerhouse women creating films, news, entertainment, and episodic content which is handpicked by women, for women reflecting the depth and breadth of the female experience through their own lens. iWomanTV showcases more female stories and listens to more female voices.

Statistics show that the gender gap in television and film remains a persistent issue, highlighting the urgent need for platforms like iWomanTV. According to industry research, women are underrepresented in key behind-the-scenes roles, including directing, writing, producing, and cinematography.

In the top 100 Films of 2022 women made up











The Celluloid Ceiling: Employment of Behind-the-Scenes Women on Top Grossing U.S. Films in 2022

This lack of representation not only limits diverse storytelling but also hampers the career advancement of talented women in the industry. iWoman TV is here to change that narrative. By providing a platform dedicated to showcasing the talents and stories of women, we strive to increase opportunities for female creators, filmmakers, and performers. Through our curated content and original productions, we aim to foster an inclusive media landscape that reflects the diversity and strength of women worldwide.

Headshot of Cathleen Trigg-Jones in a white business suit looking at the camera


Emmy-Award winning journalist Cathleen Trigg-Jones is a trailblazing social entrepreneur and accomplished executive with a diverse background in journalism, multi-media production, public relations, marketing, public speaking, and executive coaching. She is the visionary leader behind three successful independent media companies, each making a significant impact in their respective fields.

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