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Creator Conversations -Jezabel Montero

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

This week, Cathleen Trigg-Jones interviews Jezabel Montero, the winner of iWomanTV’s Audience Choice Award “Lies and Oblivion: Sessions Vocal Unit.” iWomanTV would like to thank NYWIFT for partnering with us to host their 4th Annual Online Shorts Festival! “Lies & Oblivion” also placed 2nd in the Comedy Category in NYWIFT’s Shorts Festival.

Cathleen Trigg-Jones and Jezabel Montero talk about being women in film and television as well as their respective journeys. Montero shares her experience as a filmmaker who aims to raise gender and BIPOC diversity in film through her production company Fuacata Films.Throughout her career Montero has been on both sides of the camera. For the first half of her career she worked exclusively as an actress in film, TV and theater. However, after years of feeling type-casted Montero decided to go off on her own. It was then that she truly began to prosper.

Watch “Lies and Oblivion,” a comedic film based on a true story about a family therapy session between two sisters, and a starving therapist now streaming on iWoman.TV

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