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Women Taking the Lead: Lara Crampe

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Lara Crampe is the Vice President for International Operation for the non-for-profit organization Pure Earth. Crampe has led community development for more than 20 years for Pure Earth throughout parts of East Asia, Africa and South America. Pure Earth is an international organization that works towards creative solutions regarding environmental pollution. In smaller, less industrialized countries pollution is often caused by everyday labor and brought home to children. Pure Earth identifies the source of local pollutants, educates communities then decides the best course of action to stop the pollution from spreading. According to the CDC, lead exposure, “may cause anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage. Very high lead exposure can cause death.” As part of Pure Earth’s mission, Crampe educates women, children, healthcare workers, and locals about the effects of lead and mercury exposure. Crampe has been able to lower local lead exposure by managing waste sites across local communities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia, and Senegal. In her own words, “The objective of the program is to bring together civil society groups, increase environmental health literacy, and support their efforts to address pollution threats in their communities.” Outside of her experience at Pure Earth, Crampe has more than two decades worth of experience in community development programs ranging from educating young girls in Africa to environmental justice advocacy for low-income neighborhoods in Washington, DC. Prior to joining Pure Earth Crampe, worked for the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, where she ran refugee programs at the International Rescue Committee, and served as Deputy Director at the Taproot Foundation. Lara has always had a keen interest for projects that work towards building advocacy and public awareness among society regarding public health issues. She has a Masters degree in Geography with a concentration in Community Development and a Bachelor's degree in International Development concentrating in International Agricultural Development. In this inspiring and enlightening interview, iWomanTV Founder Cathleen Trigg-Jones talks with Lara Crampe about her experience working with Pure Earth and the Force of Nature Luncheon hosted by Pure Earth in honor of International Women's Day. Don’t miss this educational and empowering episode of “Women Taking the Lead.”

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