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A Birthday Letter from Our Founder: When life throws you curve balls on your birthday

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Have you ever had a birthday where nothing seemed to go as planned?

The friends you invited to join your “celebration of you” all had to cancel at the last minute for one reason or another. Your dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant fell through.

And, despite all of the birthday wishes you received from everyone you have known since birth, the one family member or loved one that matters most forgot, or was too busy, to call.

You find that your enthusiasm slowly begins to deteriorate; from being happy and excited about making it to another year, to wondering if anyone really loves you, and finally to questioning why you were even born in the first place.

It’s amazing how a little curve ball in life can dictate our entire state of joy and well-being.

As I celebrate another year of life today, I am reminded of the most precious gift I could have ever received, and that is the gift of life itself. It doesn’t require wrapping, no fanfare is needed to enjoy it, I receive a brand new one every day that I open my eyes, and it is uniquely mine, and only mine, to do whatever I choose with.

Life may not always go as planned. There are going to be curve balls on your path. But imagine if you could swing and hit those curve balls out of the park, instead of letting them hit and knock you down.

Friends will come come and go. Plans will often change. But, two things in life are promised: you will be born, and you will die.

The gift that lies in between is the present! So, don’t be so afraid of change that you overlook the priceless birthday gift you receive the moment you open your eyes — another day to celebrate the greatest gift of all...YOU!

-Cathleen Trigg-Jones

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