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Female Firsts: Laura Hope

Joining this episode of “Female Firsts” is banking executive Laura Hope, who serves as the head of Financial Institutions at DBS (Development Bank of Singapore). Laura’s journey starting with her entrepreneurial family instilled in her the belief that no challenge was insurmountable. Starting out with no connections in the banking world, Laura moved to New York City and forged a remarkable career path leading the Financial Institutions divisions of prominent banks around the world.

Laura candidly shared that being a Black woman presented significant obstacles in her climb to success. She sought an international career environment to minimize the impact of her skin color on her professional journey.

When asked for advice for young women aspiring to achieve similar success, Laura emphasized the importance of tenacity and unapologetic fearlessness. She urged them to embrace their authentic selves wholeheartedly, recognizing their inherent worth.

Laura’s story serves as a powerful testament to perseverance and courage in overcoming barriers, inspiring women everywhere to pursue their ambitions relentlessly. Check out our full collection of Female Firsts only on iWomanTV.

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