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Empowering Black Women with Dr. Jacqueline King

Dr. Jacqueline King joined the iWoman Report to talk about her inspirational journey starting an online network of over 2 million women.

Dr. King started Black Women Empowered (BWE) in 2011 after witnessing the reaction to BET’s Black Girls Rock on Facebook. Seeing the raw excitement from so many Black women was the catalyst for Dr. King’s vision. Shortly after, she believes God spoke to her, asking, “What happens when this excitement ends?” This question is what drove Dr. King to continue the momentum from Black Girls Rock and begin a community for women on Facebook.

Black Women Empowered started out with just over 200 followers, women coming together to share their faith, inspiration, and advice with one another in a safe space. Now, it has amassed over two million followers and even more likes, shares, and impressions. Through BWE’s success, several other communities and pages were launched including: Black Women Empowered New Jersey/New York, Black Women Empowered Atlanta, Black Girls Empowered, Black Men Empowered, BWE Live Broadcasts, BWE Encouragement, and BWE Obama Family Fan Page. 

iWoman is so thrilled to bring you this interview with Dr. King and to spread the word about her amazing community. If you would like to join Dr. King and get your daily dose of inspiration and encouragement, follow them on Facebook or visit!

You can watch the full iWoman Report episode featuring Dr. Jacqueline King on!


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