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Female Firsts: Alicia Guevara

Alicia Guevara is not just the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City; she's a trailblazer. As the first Black, Latina, and female CEO in the organization's 115-year history, Alicia embodies resilience, vision, and a commitment to inclusivity that is transforming youth mentoring in New York City.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, the nation's oldest youth mentoring organization, serves a predominantly Black and Brown community. Alicia's ascent to CEO marks a significant milestone, raising important questions about equity and representation in leadership roles. She acknowledges the historical significance of her appointment while challenging the status quo that delayed such leadership diversity for over a century.

Alicia's journey to CEO was not without challenges, but she credits mentors and supporters who recognized her potential and nurtured her growth. Now, she's determined to pay it forward, inspiring the next generation of young leaders to achieve their dreams.

Under Alicia's leadership, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC continues to expand its impact, providing crucial mentorship to thousands of young people every year. Her commitment to empowering women and girls is evident in her advocacy for more women in leadership roles across all sectors.

As Alicia looks ahead, she envisions a future where diversity in leadership is the norm rather than the exception. She remains steadfast in her mission to create opportunities for all young people, ensuring they have the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Alicia Guevara's tenure as CEO represents more than just a professional achievement; it's a testament to the power of diversity, mentorship, and the transformative impact of leadership that reflects the communities it serves. Her story inspires us to challenge barriers, uplift voices, and build a more inclusive future for all. Check out our full collection of Female Firsts only on iWomanTV.

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