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Fabulous, Fit, and Free: Ending the Week on a High Note

Updated: Feb 20

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What an incredible journey this week has been. I am blessed to have my studio based right in the center of midtown Manhattan, just blocks from the United Nations, where I am surrounded by almost every international embassy. So, this week with the UN in full swing I had an opportunity to attend events with some of the most distinguished leaders from around the world, many of whom have become dear friends over the years, as we have joined forces to further causes to heal our planet, and save those who are often forgotten.

As the week draws to a close and the promise of the weekend looms, it's an ideal time to reflect on the need to do a hard reset after such a busy week.

So, in this Friday’s fit and fabulous blog, we are diving into how to feel fabulous, fit, and free, regardless of what’s going on in your life. After all, age is but a number, and feeling fantastic knows no bounds. Let's dive into how to wrap up our week radiating health, positivity, and that unbeatable sense of freedom.

Celebrate Small Wins

Every task completed, every goal reached, no matter how minor, is a step towards a fabulous you. Taking a moment to appreciate these accomplishments boosts your mood and gives you that fabulous feeling of pride.

Incorporate Movement

Your body craves activity. Whether it’s a morning yoga routine, a brisk evening walk, or a high-intensity workout session, moving your body is an instant route to feeling fit. At the end of a long week, prioritize some form of physical activity. Not only will it help in releasing the week's stress, but it will also elevate your mood.

Indulge Mindfully

Treat yourself but do it wisely. Maybe it’s a piece of dark chocolate, a luxurious face mask, or a few chapters of a book you’ve been eager to read. When you indulge in a way that still aligns with your wellness goals, you'll feel both fabulous and guilt-free.

Practice Gratitude

As you unwind, reflect upon the moments, big and small, that brought you joy. Keeping a gratitude journal can have profound effects on your mental well-being. It serves as a gentle reminder of life's blessings, helping you feel emotionally free and content.

Digital Detox

Free yourself from the digital chains. Dedicate an hour or two before bed without screens. Read a book, meditate, or simply engage in a hobby. This break from digital distractions will rejuvenate your mind, aiding in a restful night’s sleep and making you feel truly free.

Set Intentions for the Next Week

Looking forward can be just as beneficial as reflecting. By setting clear intentions for the week ahead, you’re aligning yourself with your goals and preparing for another fabulous, fit week.

A reminder to Self:

Being fabulous, fit, and free is not just a state of being but a journey. It’s about making choices that respect and honor our mind, body, and soul. As you bid farewell to this week, embrace the practices that make you feel alive, fulfilled, and unburdened. Here's to ending the week on a high and stepping into the weekend with unmatched vigor and vivacity.

Cheers to being fabulous, fit, and truly free!

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