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Female stories, uncompromised

Female stories, uncompromised

For far too long, women’s voices have been removed from the filmmaking and storytelling equation. Content created by all male writers and directors frequently produce stereotypical female characters that most women can’t even relate to.

As we enter this new age of content creation, it is time for a paradigm shift. Women must break the female stereotypes we’ve seen in film after film, episode after episode. Women in creative positions must assist female actors by allowing them to play roles outside of the norm.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. With the many advancements in film and media technology you can be a content creator that marches to the beat of your own drum without the backing of a major film studio. With almost any budget, you can produce, direct, write and edit your own cinematic masterpiece that speaks your message and tells your story.

What’s next on your creative journey? You’ve created outstanding content and want to show it to the world, but how do you share it? Today, there are still limited channels where women’s voices and stories are broadcasted. Women should be able to dream big without compromising their stories. They deserve a platform where women’s voices are celebrated, explored and welcomed.

The long battle women have faced to have their stories told, is just one of the many reasons iWoman came into existence. iWTV is a platform for female content creators around the world to share their content, network and broadcast their work on a female focused streaming service. iWoman is by women, about women, for everyone.

There’s so much iW has to offer, it’s the platform women have been waiting for. iWoman is a movement.

iW is the first of its kind on-demand streaming service tailored to the contemporary women that showcases films, TV shows and podcasts created by women. Now, iWoman invites you to join the movement! iWoman accepts content submissions for their official release on the OTT platform.

An exciting feature iWoman is eager to introduce, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the ability to host film and television premieres as well as watch parties for cast, crew, friends, family and fans. In addition to the Annual iWoman TV Film Festival, iW is proud to host several women-centered film festivals from around the world.

The world of television, film and entertainment can be overwhelming, that’s why iWoman wants you to “Find Your Tribe.” This feature will allow you to meet fellow content creators, check out their work and network! Finding your tribe can help you brainstorm ideas, test screen your work, conquer writer's block and receive feedback from those who understand your ideas.

Not only is iWoman home to your content creations, iW has a lineup of their own iWoman Originals including: Street Politicians, the videocast hosted by activists Tamika D. Mallory & Mysonne "The General." Brand new episodes of We are the Joneses, featuring world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones and Emmy-winning journalist and actress Cathleen Trigg-Jones. Carrie Kerpen, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and CEO of Likeable Media, hosts Work It. In addition, iW is the only platform that features a news source that speaks from the female perspective, the iWoman Report.

While iWoman is still in beta-testing mode, we want to hear from YOU, since this platform was created by women, about women, for us. How can we improve? What would you like to see? Most importantly, how can we make your voice heard? Feel free to explore and find your tribe on iWoman. We look forward to seeing you and your work on iWoman.


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