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Creator Conversations - Sherry McCracken and Dina Engel

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Sherry McCracken and Dina Engel are Atlantic City-based creative duo, both in production and in life. They’ve produced three feature films; The Suspect (This is Us’ Sterling K. Brown, ER’s Mekhi Phifer), Natural Selection (The Breakfast Club’s Anthony Michael Hall, Shawdowhunter’s Katherine McNamara), and American Gothic (Grand Theft Auto’s Ned Luke) and now they are trying to get their newest project picked up.

48 Blocks, has been their most recent creative venture as well as their first dip into the world of episodic television. Their pilot revolves around Atlantic City and the dynamic relationships between the characters they've created, an ex-NBA player newfound real estate mogul, his wife and teenage son, business rivals, and a local reporter. In the fight for Atlantic City, it's survival of the fittest. The glamorous city plays a character of its own, juxtaposing the gritty and often dangerous storyline behind its bright beautiful lights. Ex-NBA player and new real estate mogul, Vernon “King” Carver, and his business rival fight over the prime property for sale, a nameless basketball court King gifted to his hometown.

Sherry McCracken

The story unfolds as local reporter Ally Price digs through King's background to uncover exactly what it is that he's hiding under that basketball court. If the land gets taken by his rival, King's secrets will be uncovered and he stands to lose both his business and his family.

Relationships, business and romance are the key factors of the show that McCracken and Engel are trying to get picked up.

Tune in to watch as Cathleen Trigg-Jones interviews creators Sherry McCracken and Dina Engel about their pilot 48 Blocks which was awarded second place in iWomanTV's Audience Choice Award contest, as well as first in the Crime Category of NYWIFT's Online Shorts Festival.

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