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Transforming Media, Tech, and Women's Empowerment

iWoman is poised to revolutionize the media, technology, and women's empowerment sectors with a suite of groundbreaking initiatives. At the forefront is a decentralized media platform leveraging blockchain technology, which empowers content creators with transparency, security, and control, eliminating middlemen and reducing fees. Additionally, our AI-driven content personalization and creation tools ensure viewers receive tailored, engaging content that resonates with their preferences and values. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to

enhance user satisfaction and redefine content consumption.

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Moreover, iWoman is developing a VR empowerment platform offering immersive experiences in leadership training, public speaking, and technical skills development, fostering confidence and capability among women. Our Global Women’s Media Fund and Incubator will provide vital resources, including seed funding, mentorship, and technical support, to female media creators and tech entrepreneurs worldwide. By establishing an ethical advertising network and a global advocacy network for women's rights, iWoman will drive meaningful social change and promote gender equality. Investing in iWoman means supporting a visionary company dedicated to disrupting traditional industries and championing women's empowerment through innovative, impactful solutions.


Explosive Market & Proven Demand

The Content Creator economy is growing exponentially year over year. There are 303 million content creators globally; 84% of which are women. The average age of these content creators is 40, aligning perfectly with iWoman’s core demographic. The global "She-conomy" is valued at approximately $20 trillion, demonstrating the immense purchasing power of this segment. The more we can engage with

them, the more impact storytelling By and About women will have on global issues. Women's significant presence online is highlighted by 86% using social media for purchasing decisions, disrupting traditional e-commerce models.


The digital ad spend capturing this engagement accounts for 54% of the total ad market, placing iWoman in the sweet spot for ad revenue. iWoman is uniquely positioned to capture a sizable market share with its nimble operation, centrally located studio in the heart of NYC, and state-of-the-art equipment to capture content from around the world.

Strategic Partnerships & Clients

Strengthening iWoman's Value Proposition with Strategic Partnerships

McClatchy Media and She Media: Partnering with established media entities like McClatchy Media and She Media will significantly amplify iWoman's reach and credibility. McClatchy’s extensive network of local and national news outlets can facilitate widespread distribution of iWoman's content, while She Media's focus on female-centric content will enhance our relevance and appeal to our target

demographic. These partnerships will not only boost our visibility but also ensure that our innovative content and empowerment initiatives reach a broader, more engaged audience.

Black Women Empowered and DETOURxp: Collaborations with organizations like Black Women Empowered and DETOURxp will help iWoman address the specific needs and interests of diverse communities. Black Women Empowered’s influence within African American communities and DETOURxp's focus on experiential travel and culture will allow iWoman to create content that is inclusive and representative. This alignment with diverse voices will reinforce our commitment to empowerment and broaden our appeal, attracting a wider range of users and supporters.

Mathprize and Discover Boating: Partnering with educational and recreational organizations such as Mathprize and Discover Boating can expand iWoman’s content offerings and engagement opportunities. Mathprize’s focus on promoting STEM education among young women aligns with our empowerment goals, allowing us to provide valuable educational content. Discover Boating can

introduce lifestyle and recreational content that promotes work-life balance and leisure, enriching the user experience on our platform. These partnerships will diversify our content, making iWoman a comprehensive platform for education, empowerment, and entertainment.


Sharpton Media and The City of New York: Collaborations with Sharpton Media and The City of New York will elevate iWoman's advocacy and impact. Sharpton Media’s strong voice in social justice and civil rights will bolster our initiatives to promote gender equality and women’s rights. Partnering with The City of New York will provide us with access to a vast network of resources, events, and potential

supporters in one of the world’s most influential cities. These partnerships will enhance our advocacy efforts, attract significant media attention, and demonstrate our commitment to making a tangible impact on society

Proven  Award-Winning Team



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Jenny Alonzo

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Highlighting iWoman's Female-Led Team to Investors

At iWoman, our commitment to women's empowerment starts from within. With a remarkable 99% female team, iWoman is not just advocating for gender equality; we are living it. This strong female leadership and workforce reflect our core mission and values, demonstrating our dedication to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment for women in media, technology, and business.


Investors can be assured that by supporting iWoman, they are investing in a company that prioritizes diversity and inclusion at every level. Our female-led team brings a wealth of unique perspectives, creativity, and expertise, driving innovation and ensuring that our products and services resonate deeply with our audience. This commitment to female leadership not only strengthens our brand authenticity

but also positions iWoman as a pioneering force in championing women's roles in traditionally male-dominated industries. By investing in iWoman, you are supporting a transformative vision led by passionate, capable women dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the world.


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