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The COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual events an easy way for people to stay connected. From virtual galas, fundraisers, awards shows and more, the iWoman TV Studios team along with the black women-owned and operated production powerhouse, Catscape Productions, is a one-stop-shop for all of your virtual event needs!

Our team of award-winning female producers, editors, and directors delivers programs that are customized to fit every client’s needs, while maximizing audience engagement.

With over 25 years in all aspects of production, including planning, logistics, remote feed coordination, hosting, graphic design, and video editing, our team approaches each project through a creative lens with the highest possible quality.

We work closely with non-profits and other organizations to produce and live stream virtual events. Our programming has allowed the organizations we work with to double, or even triple their fundraising goals, raising hundreds of thousands dollars. 

Big Brother Big Sister 2021
CUP 2020 Reimagining the Future
Pure Earth Force of Nature 2021

The benefits to hosting a virtual or hybrid event outweigh those of a traditional in-person gathering; the ease of access for your guests, the flexibility of the production process, and the cost-effectiveness of curating your own virtual event, rather than an in-person celebration. Currently, the average virtual celebration is 75% cheaper than an in-person event. Meaning you will be reaching a wider audience for far less cost.

With traditional gatherings, you may have a limited number of guests you can provide for, whether that be seating, refreshments or entertainment. However, with virtual productions you may have guests from around the world without any cap. Also, your event wouldn’t have to be a one-time-only affair. Virtual events provide flexibility to both the viewer and the provider to watch or showcase the production many times.

Next time you plan to host an event, gala, graduation etc. consider taking your event to the virtual stage. 




Catscape will create, pre-tape & pre-produce a virtual event ready for streaming. This option does not have an in-person gathering element.


Event will have an audience as well as in-person host & speakers, integrated with pre-recorded segments. iWomanTV Studios and Catscape will conduct live switching between host, speakers, honorees & pre-recorded content on location. This event can be viewed in-person or virtually.


Hire us to produce your next virtual event!