What we do

iWoman TV is a 24-7 digital streaming network built to support a community of powerhouse women creating films, news, entertainment, and episodic content handpicked to reflect the depth and breadth of the female experience through a woman’s lens.

iWoman is a full-service wraparound content production studio and the first mass-market over-the-top streaming news and entertainment network created by women and about women from women’s point of view. From ideation, to creation, to production, to distribution, to promotion … we do it all. But we are more than a studio. We are a Movement – and a haven for women creatives, driven by our mission to build up other women in the field, and driven to create pathways for women coming from any and all circumstances wishing to enter the commercial creative arts. We hold space – we hold each other up – we hold you and your team up. Most of all, we have fun while getting it done.

The Mission of iWoman TV is to provide a safe space for women to own and tell their stories through,and to invite and encourage women to  champion gender parity and equality in storytelling. 

The iWoman TV Village is a tribe of female change-makers and trailblazers, writers, producers, designers, directors, creators and actors with one common goal: to create a more positive outlook and future for women and girls worldwide by putting more women in positions of power in media and entertainment. 

iWoman TV is not just another women’s network, it is a movement!

The problem

The promise of economic empowerment remains unfulfilled for the majority of the women.
58% of employed women are in the in wages and laking social proteccion, formal economy earning low
Women comprise of 51.9% of the population and around 55% of women stream tv everyday.
65%Of women say they stram TV because it´s relaxing, 62% of women call it a good scape.
Behind the scenes, men occupy 73% of top media managment positions, according to study spanning 522 news media organizations.
While women represent half of the word´s population, less than 1/3rd of all characters portrayed in film are female.

The solution

Launch an all female empowered news, media and entertainment network to highlight the female experience.
The platform will harness content created by women with a vision of building a community of women sharing information, wisdom and to support each other.
We provide multiple platforms to support justice for the voiceless, encouragement for progressive transformational movements, and ensure non-profit organizations expand their outreach to every woman.
The platform will showcase the infinite value, intelligence, talent and the creativity of women in a multiplicity of ways 24/7.
The platform's feature are live streams, chat shows, interviews on spotlight shows, science, art, music, performance, business, finance, lifestyle, sports, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, and contests, etc.

The Six Pillars

Gender Justice, Gender Parity

Food Access, Food Equity

Workplace Equity

Girls and Women´s Empowerment & Leadership Development

Foster Youth Empowerment

Environmental Justice

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