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Keloid Care is an innovative, fast-acting, topical cream specifically designed to help improve the appearance and reduce the discomfort of thick or stubborn keloids and hypertrophic (raised) scars, as well as lighten discoloration in affected and surrounding area(s). Keloid Care is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The ingredients have been specially formulated to provide maximum efficacy in darker skin tones, including African American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander and other skin types that have a higher propensity of developing keloids. Other scar creams are formulated to be a “one size fits all,” solution for all scar and skin types. Keloid Care was created by celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael E. Jones to address the unique attributes of darker skin that have a higher propensity to develop thick or raised scars.

Note: This product does not remove keloids. Surgery with a keloid specialist is required to completely remove keloids. For more information, visit

Keloid Care

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