Season 4: Episode 11

  • Channels, HerFIGHT, Podcast Channel, Trending Now
  • Learning How To Heal and Protect Our Communities
  • 2021

With gun violence surging and COVID-19 cases spiking, the government thinks the easy solution is to lock us up and throw away the key. Time and time again history has showed us that gun violence is usually the result of a variety of environmental factors. Currently, our community leaders are working hard to find the root cause of gun violence as well as how to heal in the aftermath when a shooting occurs. As part five of our six episode series covering gun violence in America, Tamika and Mysonne speak with community leaders Shanduke McPhatter and Tia Bell. Our hosts engage an open discussion on how we can learn to heal from our wounds while looking towards the future to better protect younger generations from the plague of gun-violence. Tune into this week’s episode to learn how you can make steps in your own communities to help us end gun-violence