Season 4: Episode 15

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  • Racism In The Healthcare System
  • 2021

Access to proper healthcare should be a birthright for all humans. When making a trip to any healthcare facility, we should always feel safe and protected, especially giving birth. In recent years more women have come forward about the mistreatment and racism they received while giving birth. Maternal health has become a critical issue for the black community as maternal mortality rates rise. After neglect or mistreatment during labor, many women are either losing their babies or losing their own lives over medical issues that could have been prevented. Our hosts Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne “The General” sit down for a conversation with two people who’ve experienced firsthand the tragedy of medical neglect within the healthcare system. Our first guest is Trudi Russell, who became pregnant and lost her baby at six months due to HELLP Syndrome (a serious complication of high blood pressure during pregnancy) that can be fatal to both the mother and child. Later, Street Politicians is joined by Bruce McIntyre, a single father after the mother of his son, 26-year-old Amber Isaac, died during childbirth. Hear more about this growing crisis on this week’s episode of Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet.