Season 4: Episode 1

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  • State of Emergency
  • 2021
  • 49 Mins

State of Emergency! Tamika's book which covers the state of the country featuring contributions from many artists and authors has  finally  hit the stands. In celebration of her book release Tamika and Mysonne bring on some of their friends to discuss all the contributing factors which have brought this country to its "State of Emergency".  Tamika also gives listeners insight into her writing process as well as teasers for the featured artists who assisted in creating the book.  Community leaders  Eddie Bocanegra, Erica Ford, Pastor Michael McBride, and Carmen Perez join our hosts for a conversation on violence prevention and the defunding of the police movement. The guest also discusses the recent deaths of three young people in America Jaslyn Adams, Ma'Khia Bryant, and Adam Toledo and how they could've been prevented.  Tamika and Mysonne get into it about Kevin Samuels and if it's hypocritical to criticize people you voted into office. All this and more on this episode of Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics  meet.