Season 3 : Episode 25

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  • Covid-19 Impact on Education
  • 2021

The pandemic has hampered learning for all students, however particularly for students of color. With a surge in new infections, the pandemic is now likely to keep many students out of the classroom until well into late 2021. Tamika and Mysonne have enlisted a couple of experts that will break down how you can help your children stay on top of education during the pandemic. New York City’s schools for grades K-12 are open. Director of Brooklyn South Field Support Center Dr. Mauricière DeGovia joins the hosts to discuss the importance of getting our children back in the school building. She also explains how New York school systems are overcoming the challenges of ensuring parents feel comfortable sending their children back to school, maintaining a safe environment and defining a new normal for students. Our hosts also speak with an amazing change maker and revolutionary educator Principal Amen Rahh. Founder of one of the most sought out high schools in South Central Los Angeles, University Pathways Public Service Academy. Principal Rahh offers the inner city youth of the Watts and Compton neighborhoods an opportunity for a brighter future. He speaks on the importance of equipping students with the tools and resources needed for successful futures. With a 100 percent graduation rate Principal Rahh is determined to not let any children fall behind academically during this pandemic. Tamika and Mysonne have a conversation with Abdul Saleem Hasan, Ed.S., Superintendent of Schools for the East Orange, New Jersey, School District. Superintendent Hasan sheds light on inequalities in reopening process for school districts that serve black and brown communities. Watch Tamika and Mysonne discuss all this and more on this week’s episode of Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet!