Season 3: Episode 22

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  • Flip The Stimmy
  • 2021

Street Politicians Tamika and Mysonne look at the way people flip their stimulus checks as well as repair their credit. The hosts sit with CPA and Financial Expert Shaquanna King. Otherwise known as "Ms.Business," King has more than 7 years in diverse tax, finance, business formation and consulting experience. Her expertise includes business structure, tax filing and bookkeeping. Ms. Business is both an educator and a doer. She will put in the work as well as teach her clientele how to do it themselves because she understands the need for financial literacy to create wealth. Her leadership skills and determined demeanor earned her a position with one of the most prestigious accounting firms in the country. However, early in her career Ms. Business realized how many people were misguided, misinformed and uneducated when it came to subject of financial literacy. Realizing this she changed courses and decided to go her own way as the CEO of her own firm, Brooks Alliance, which along with her brand, Ms. Business, Brooks ensures the educational tools to a path of both long-term success and generational wealth. Tamika and Mysonne also speak with Change Maker Aisha Hall, author of children's Larry The Lending Lion. Hall is an author of 9 published novels, dropped multiple mixtapes & EPs and has captivated the world with her life story, on BET+ American Gangster: Trap Queens. Larry the Lending Lion rhymes, combining Aisha's lyrical skills with her love of finance. Her aim for the book was to teach the concepts of credit, financial literacy and smart spending to young black and brown children. Poor understanding of how money works combined with a strong desire to have it often creates poor or unsustainable spending habits. Often in homes of children of color, money is a source of stress, which creates negative connotations for it in the minds of children. Aisha's theory is that if more of us understood money from a young age, we may avoid committing financial crimes or making poor decisions and instead might focus more on creating new opportunities for ourselves and our communities. Tamika and Mysonne also discuss the death of Prince Phillip and DMX, the drama which ensued because of it between the Black and Irish sides of Twitter, the Derrick Chauvin trial and more in this weeks episode of Street Politicians: Flip the Stimmy.