Season 3 : Episode 23

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  • Championing Change: Sustainable Lifestyles and Healthy Eating
  • 2021

Tamika D Mallory and Mysonne discuss the importance of Sustainable Lifestyles and Eating Healthy. There are stereotypes that there’s a lack of interest in environmental sustainability and healthy eating among African-Americans, the truth is many are no strangers to sustainable living and healthy eating. Styles P and his wife Adjua Styles talk about what inspired their many health brands and why changing the way we eat is important. Styles discusses how small changes can add up to a lot when we're talking about diet. He discusses how changes some of his eating habits and learning to change his tastes for food changed his life and his health for the better. Adjua also adds in how changing spending habits to better fund a healthy lifestyle can be done with a few simple changes. Why pay for the latest Jordans if you could have spent that money better in the market? Health is a large issue amongst the African American community and few ever really talk about it. With Earth Day around the corner when is there a better time? To speak about the environment, Ethiopian youth environmental activist and Applied Biologist Jodahi Bezabih Petros joins Tamika and Mysonne to speak about being more socially responsible and his E-nfluencer movement in Ethiopia. Tamika and Mysonne learn about environmental protections and how easy it is to care for the environment. In this weeks special episode of Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet.