Season 4: Episode 3

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  • Finding the Balance with the Family of Ronald Greene
  • 2021

In this week's Street Politicians our hosts Tamika and Mysonne are joined by special guests Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt, Alana Wilson and Denelle Hardin the sisters of Ronald Greene, and Roger Bond. Lee Merritt explains the story of what happened to Ronald Greene in 2019 and the legal issues regarding the case. Both Alana and Denelle discuss the kindness of their brothers character, and how they knew that his death was suspicious from the beginning. Tamika and Mysonne ask the sisters and Lee how the release of the body and dashboard footage made them feel, and what would be the next steps to get justice for Ronald. Later on Tamika and Mysonne are also joined by Roger Bond to discuss Roger’s son Kevin Townsend. Kevin, has been accused of murder in Nambia and has been held there without trial for over a decade. Roger explains how his son first became detained and what they’ve been doing to try and release him. Tamika and Mysonne also get into a heated debate about why bad traits in men become associated with women, or being raised by a single mother. All this and more on Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet!