Season 4: Episode 10

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  • Intervening To Protect Our Youth
  • 2021

Studies have shown that guns have killed more children and teens than cancer, pneumonia, the flu, asthma, HIV/AIDs, and drugs combined. In 2019 every 2 hours and 36 minutes, a child or teen was killed by a gun. The gun violence epidemic has heavily impacted the youth living in our communities. Straight from Houston's Annual "Trae Day Weekend" Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne "The General" discuss the impact gun violence has left on our youth. Our hosts are joined by Newark, New Jersey Mayor Ras Baraka as well as a community leader and activist Lakeesha Eure to discuss the work they've been doing on the ground to help slow the growing gun violence epidemic. Both Mayor Baraka and Eure have decided to take a hands-on approach to combat the violence. Find out what prevention methods inner-city officials have put in place on this episode of Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet.

  • Host :Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne