Season 4: Episode 14

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  • Is Kidnapping a Business?
  • 2021

As of December 2020, the FBI has reported 89,637 active missing person records, and 30,396 of them are under 18. The number of missing people, especially children, has spiked in recent years. Many are calling human Trafficking modern-day slavery. This week on Street, Politicians hosts Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne "The General" discuss kidnapping in two different aspects. Actress and Maternal Rights Activist Tatyana Ali joined the show to shine light on maternal health and medical kidnapping issues. The term medical kidnapping has begun trending on social media surrounding American Idol contestant Syesha Mercado who's son Amen' Ra was "legally kidnapped" in Florida. Ali provides viewers with more information surrounding this ongoing case. Later on, in the show, we're joined by Toni D. Rivera, CEO and founder of The R.O.S.E. Organization, a non-profit 501c3 established to provide resources (housing, clothing, and other life essentials) to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Rivera herself is a victim of sex trafficking. During her interview, she gives viewers tips on protecting themselves against sex trafficking. Tune in and get educated on things you should know about the many aspects of kidnapping in this week's episode of Street Politicians.

  • Host :Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne
  • Director :Janice Rodriguez
  • Producer :Cathleen Trigg, Janice Rodriguez