Season 3: Episode 4

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  • Oscars Recap: The Slap Heard Around the World
  • 2022

The 2022 Academy Awards were filled with highs and lows. On this week’s episode of the iWoman Report we take a look at the historic moments of women in film and touch upon the backlash of what is being known as “The Slap Heard Around the World.” Then, Cathleen talks with the very first winners of the inaugural iWoman TV Film Fund Grant, Cat and Hannah, about their documentary film "Women Behind the Wheel." Joining this week’s episode are the winners of iWoman’s Film Fund Grant, Cat Haigh & Hannah Congdon to talk about their documentary film, “Women Behind the Wheel.” In the film they take a 3000 km road trip along Central Asia’s Pamir Highway, speaking with women along the way to hear their testimonies and shed light on a women’s movement that is largely ignored by Western media.