Season 4: Episode 2

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  • Happy Birthday Mysonne
  • 2021

Its Mysonne’s Birthday and we are celebrating it along with the release of Tamikas new book State of Emergency! In this week of Street Politicians, Mysonne and Tamika are joined by a few special guests who came to celebrate Mysonnes birthday. Watch as P. Diddy, Fat Joe and the rest of the Until Freedom gang accompany our hosts to celebrate their newly reached milestones. Diddy and Fat Joe reminisce with Mysonne on their friendships and how their paths have crossed over and again. Having known Mysonne since his start in the Bronx both Diddy and Joe attest to the growth they’ve seen in his character as he embarked on his journey as a social justice warrior and musician following his release from prison. Fellow Until Freedom founders Linda Sarsour and Angelo Pinto join our hosts to discuss the state of emergency in America, Tamika’s new book, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the future of the Democratic party, and the Biden Harris Administration. Tune in to watch this episode of Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet!