Season 4: Episode 13

  • Channels, HerFIGHT, Podcast Channel, Trending Now
  • The Business of Cannabis
  • 2021

The business of cannabis is a booming industry. Historically, marijuana has been criminalized and many people in the Black community have suffered harsh consequences for either smoking or selling weed. With legalization sweeping the states, smoking weed has become more common than drinking alcohol. Current public interest in cultivating cannabis, or becoming a distributer has been raising rapidly, but how do you actually legally sell or grow marijuana? Tamika and Mysonne contact the experts and get the low down on how to become a legal weed distributer or grower. Our hosts also dive into what this means for people who have previously been locked up or penalized for weed as part of the “war on drugs.” Street Politicians is joined by special guest Jeanette Ward from Nuleaf to discuss the ins and outs of the selling skunk. All this and more on this weeks episode of Street Politicians!