Season 4: Episode 7

  • Channels, HerFIGHT, Podcast Channel, Trending Now
  • Kings Killing Kings
  • 2021

In this weeks episode of Street Politicians were talking about Kings killing Kings. Tamika and Mysonne interview Shanduke McPhatter of G-MACC (Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes) about his experience as a former gang member and his work with high-risk youth; and Mysonne takes the lead and speaks to Prince Mapp, the creator of the Citizen App about how he turned his life around from convict to creator. Shanduke McPhatter shares his experience working with high-risk youth immersed in a lifestyle of crime, fast money, violence, & prison sentences. McPhatter explains how he works towards reaching them before gangs do and teaching them about life outside of that culture. Prince Mapp explains how hanging out in the wrong crowds, and getting involved in the wrong circles landed him in jail for 18 on a murder charge. Hindsight is 20-20, and Mapp can speak to that like no one else. As the creator of the Citizen app, which is designed for public safety, Mapp looks back at his adolescence with a lot of skepticism on his former decision making. Mysonne shares how he has witnessed young men shooting each other for reasons he cannot understand. He explains that he thinks a lot of the culture they are following is detrimental to their greater wellbeing and the future generations of black men. All this and more on this weeks Street Politicians, the place where the streets and politics meet!