Lilith's Song

  • 2020
  • 19 Mins
  • English
  • Drama

Lilith's Song written and directed by Julia Aldana, a fairytale of unrequired love which lasts through decades and finds its resolution somewhere beyond time and space. Go Indie TV and the screening audience loved it and there are so many things done right within this 18:52 minute short. Go Indie TV was very impressed with the casting of Lilith's Song. Lilith (Kate Britton) and Allan (Jacob Pinion) have an undeniable chemistry and this is what really makes the film work. The strong resemblance between the younger Lilith and the older Lilith (Grace Gawthrop) was impressive. The over-all production of Lilith's Song produced by Rane-Ly Haas was well done, and that is why it deserved the 1st place win.

  • Actor :Kate Britton, Jacob Pinion, Samantha Strelitz, Grace Gawthrop Martin , Sara Ann Parker,
  • Writer :Julia Aldana
  • Director :Julia Aldana
  • Producer :Rane-Ly Haas